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STEP 1 - Create your account

Click the special Stop Soldier Suicide link below and follow the steps to setup your fundraising account on

STEP 2 - Download shirt graphics

Click the link below to download a .zip file containing the official Stop Solider Suicide shirt design graphics. Note: you may need to right click and select 'Save As'.

STEP 3 - Upload graphics to design tool

Once you have downloaded your graphics, navigate to the design tool. Next, click the 'Upload' icon on the toolbar and upload the front shirt graphic.

Click the 'Back' button to display the back of the shirt. Then upload the back shirt graphic following the same steps outlined in the above graphic.

Stop Soldier Suicide Fundraising Kit

Complete the steps below to setup your SSS fundraising campaign

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STEP 4 - Customize the design

Stop Soldier Suicide appreciates your desire to run a campaign to address this issue. We want to give you the opportunity to personalize the shirt by placing your team name at the bottom of the front design in whatever WHITE font you'd like. Stop Soldier Suicide will have the final approval of all shirt designs and team names. After you launch your campaign, you will receive a message from Bonfire with the final approval of your design and team name.

STEP 5 - Set your pricing and campaign details

Be sure to set your pricing and campaign details based on the following recommendations:

Recommended pricing for each style:

STEP 6 - Launch your fundraiser

Follow the prompts to continue setting up your campaign. Good luck and thanks for supporting Stop Soldier Suicide!

  • Unisex = $25.00 (note: this is the only style offered with microfiber material)
  • Ladies = $25.00
  • Long Sleeve = $25.00
  • Sweatshirt = $38.00
  • Youth = $18.00

Campaign Duration: anywhere between 7 and 14 days (keep your duration short to ensure a timely delivery to your supporters)

PayPal account:

Helpful tip: You can re-launch your campaign as many times as you'd like! Here's a quick guide to show you how.

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